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I can provide a full range of graphic design services. However, for actual production of design work, a third party service is required, and I can be your agent with the printers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Graphic Design Services

Software Skills

In graphic design, a thorough knowledge of software is important, even just a working knowledge of software is critical to the success of graphic design.


My knowledge and experience of various software includes: Photoshop, Illustrator (& PDF), InDesign, Muse, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, and PHP.


In addition, I have experience with PastPerfect Museum Software, FundRaising 50, FileMaker Pro, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, email, Facebook, eBay, Craig’s List, PayPal, Etsy, Foap, Pinterest, Google, and other social apps.


I have used Mac and Windows, along with the iOS of phones and tablets.


Illustrator & PDF













Identity Development and Branding

Certain brands are recognizable because they have a consistent image! To get you started, I can help you get on your way by establishing positive branding.

Business Cards, Postcards, Trade Cards, Brochures, etc

These are the basics for any business or organization and are often the foundation work of graphic design services. Let me help you evaluate what you need and design accordingly.

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Floorplans and Scaled Drawings

While I am NOT an AIA architect, I do have an Associate degree in comprehensive architectural drafting. When you need something to scale, CAD drafting is the way to go.

Idea Development

Different from identity development, idea development involves taking a concept and fleshing it out in some way, whether in writing, a physical form, a graphical element, or perhaps a series of “how to” steps.

Photo Correction and Archiving*

Sometimes, you need non digital images archived into an electronic format. Between that and digitally correcting any flaws, I can help you with your image archiving needs.


In addition, sometimes you just need some tweaks done to an image. I can help! Basic image handling can include resizing, cropping, resolution adjustment, color manipulation, graphical effects, most anything you might need. Tell me what you have, and what you would like done.


*Note: For ultra high resolution scanning, I recommend using a specialty archival service.

Promotion & Advertising Graphics

Along with identity and branding, marketing is how your business or organization gets exposure. I can create any range of marketing materials like print advertisements, digital ads, postcards, banners, fliers, etc. Let me know what you need!

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Design & Layout

Almost all printed projects start with a laid out design no matter what the final purpose is. I can provide the design services and be the necessary go between person of you and a producer. I do not actually produce the final printed products, such as stationery, promotional products, banners, business cards, etc. I am the agent between you, my design, and the printer.

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Logo Creation

Need a logo for something? Maybe for a business? A department? Perhaps just for a project or an event? Let me help you create the logo you need for your purposes!

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Business Forms

Need some basic business tools? I can develop forms from scratch or rework existing ones. Just let me know what you need.

PowerPoint Presentations

Many people use PowerPoint for a variety of purposes. With some basic information and resources that you provide (text, photos, charts, etc.), I can assemble any array of presentation types, using templates or by creating a fully custom presentation.

Writing, Research, and Content

As needed, I can provide basic writing services to create content (or "copy" as it's referred to in the media world) to fill out print and web projects. I can also do independent, individual research for topical writing projects or to include for collaborative efforts. Just let me know what you need and how I can help you!

Please note: I do NOT provide and will reject research and writing services for college student writings! I take the breech of plagiarism seriously.

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Web Videos

If you are on a budget and do not have a creative sense for video and audio, I might be able to help. While I am not equipped for professional or even semi professional video production, I do have audio and video editing capabilities and can make unique and creative videos for a website, YouTube, or whatever other outlet that does not require a formal, high quality produced video. Contact me with what you might need!

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