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With a Master of Art degree in Museum Science, I have been formally trained in most every area of museum work. Let me help you with what you need when you cannot afford to hire! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

• Master of Art in Museum Science

• Texas Tech Alumni

• Texas Association of Museums

• American Alliance of Museums

Museum Services

Primary Hands-on Museum Skills

Achieving a Master degree in Museum Science, I was properly and comprehensively trained in the many facets of working in a museum. My particular focus and interest areas were with collections, exhibits, and education. In addition, I gained practical, in the field, hand-on experience post graduation working at several museums.


I am solidly qualified to work with your collection if you have the need but not the personnel. I am fully capable to inventory, describe, condition report, photodocument, mark, and house most collection objects as well as provide that information into a database.


Exhibits is probably my most favorite part of museum work, and I am capable to research, curate, and develop exhibitions using your collection objects or other resources to provide finished exhibitions including installation, graphics, lighting, and openings.


I have over 20 years of graphic design experience where I can provide services for exhibition development, wayfinders, general signage, printed materials, marketing, and other needs.


Since I am a graduate of the museum environment, I know and understand the details and restrictions of museum functions, including preservation, copyright, fiduciary responsibility, object handling, etc. Let me help you when employee resources are restricted or unavailable!

Art & architectural history

Collections management

Condition reporting

Database management

Exhibition development

Exhibit and gallery guides

Graphic design & layout

Marking collections

Membership management

Museum education

Photo archiving


Ranching history

Website design

Exhibition Development

With experience working on several full exhibitions, I can help your museum take an exhibit concept to a fully finished exhibition. That can include any or all of research, curation, gallery layout, gallery furniture (using 3rd party resources), graphic materials, exhibit guides, lighting, even openings! Let me know what you need!

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Gallery and Exhibit Graphics

Along with exhibit development, exhibits need work labels, informational panels, printed guides, advertisements, etc. If not a full exhibit, I can help you with the finishing touches that can made a good exhibition into a great exhibition.

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Collections Management

I am fully trained and have practical, in the world, hands on experience in general collections management. If you have a collection of artifacts (whatever they might be), I can help you organize, document, and store them within your dedicated collections area.

Collections Processing

Processing artifacts, especially new artifacts, involves documenting, numbering, describing, measuring, photo documenting, tagging, condition reporting, and entering data into a database. Let me help you with some or all of these tasks.

Collections Database

Along with processing artifacts, having gathered artifact data into a database is a key component of accreditation. Even if your museum is not accredited, the practice is essential for organization and responsibility. Let me help you with what you need.

Research and Writing

With general knowledge of art, history, and a few other specialized subjects, I can help you with topic research and with writing articles about topics. Simply, let me know what you need and how I could be of help.

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Museum Education

I have been on both sides of education within a museum environment, the one participating and the one observing. If you have a need for specialized programs, docent tours, visitor projects, interactive exhibits, and the like, let me know what you need and I can evaluate how I can help.

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